ATM1110 4PACK USB AAA Rechargeable Batteries


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USB AA Rechargeable Lithium Batteries with 4in1 Cable

AmpTorrent seeks innovation, quality, and unique design, continue to provide safe, reliable products to the customer. AmpTorrent USB lithium rechargeable batteries have the following advantage:

1.5V Constant Output

1 Hour Fast Charging

Wide Usage

No Need Extra Charger


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Compact USB Design: AA rechargeable lithium batteries built-in the micro USB port, just charge with the included 4in1 USB cord, no additional charger required. Whether you go, it is very convenient and carries.

1 Hour Fast Charging: 100% charged within 1hours, The battery has a special LED indicator design, Battery LED indicator will turn red when in charge, and turn green after fully charged.

Constant 1.5V “Always Fresh” Power: Never again that sagging power typical of a traditional battery. Solid unwavering performance till the last drop of power is used. Charge. Repeat!

Long Battery Life: 1000 full charge-discharge cycles and practically unlimited quick refresh recharges, and still retains at least 70% of the initial capacity.

Safety & Warranty: Built-in Integrated safety circuit protects Battery from over-discharge/overcharge; The Lithium cell is UL listed, The AmpTorrent USB rechargeable batteries are RoHS, FCC, and CE listed, and have 30-Day money back and 1-Year quality guarantee and lifetime technical support.